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The LAMBS Repository

Arma3Sync download:
LAMBS Repo Auto-Config URL:

If you require any support setting up the program, please check out the following points below on how to install the program and link to our repository.

A3Sync guide by Random

  1. Download the tool

  2. Extract the folder and run the install application to a folder of your choosing

  3. Launch Arma 3 Sync (preferably as admin)

  4. Upon startup the program will prompt you to set the location of our Arma 3 executable, which is normally located in your Arma 3 folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/)

  5. Set the location of your mods folder by selecting the Addon Option tab. As default it will assign your Arma 3 folder as your mods folder, click the Red X icon on the right to remove this directory. To set a new directory press the Blue + icon and find your mods folder. If you do not have an addons folder setup, create a new folder in the Arma 3 folder located in Your Documents and name it LAMBS Addons. If you already have an addons folder you must duplicate your mods folder and assign it as your Lambs Addon folder especially If you play Arma outside of NOPRYL as our repository can use older and sometimes edited versions of mods (using Arma 3 Sync will edit and delete the mods that haven\'t been previously downloaded from the Lambs repo.)

  6. Connect to the Lambs repo by selecting the Repositories tab. To add a new Repo click the Blue + icon . In the new Repository window copy and paste

    into the Public Auto-config URL and select import, once connection is successful press OK. The Lambs Repo should now appear in the Addons Repositories list, to connect click on the Connect To Repository icon located at the bottom of the icons on the right.

  7. Alternatively if you only need to download a specific mod list and not the entire repo for a joint op for example, select the corresponding "Event" in the list and connect to that instead of the whole Repository:

  8. Finally go back to the Addon tab and select Modsets bringing up a new window, select all the addon groups and press continue. To start playing Arma select an addon group which will be specified on the operations thread on the forum (more likely to be LAMBS acre most game nights) and press start game to begin playing with the selected Addons Group.

NoPryl of Norway is a Norway-based flock of sheep gaming community, established in 2001. Our raison d'ĂȘtre is organized coop-playing of the Arma series, although we are known to dabble in other games and activities as well. The Arma department of NoPryl is known as the "Land / Air Make it go Boom Squad" or LAMBS for short.

In order to game with us, please introduce yourself on our Discord server, linked above. We'll help you get set up.